I am offering a chance to acquire one of my metal sculptures while
simultaneously supporting collaborative efforts to create a large burnable
art piece, the Ouroboros Flipside CoRE Project:

The Kickstarter for that project is here, and they also have a website.

Offered up for sale here is the sculpture:
picture of the snake piece "Happy's Snake"
found metal
12" W x 21" H
(height includes pedestal)

Current Bid: $403
Read below to bid.

Here's how it works:

Minimum starting bid is $200
Email your bid to me at EllenMentary@gmail.com.

Put Happy's Snake Bid in the subject. Send me your name, nickname, email
address, a phone number, and of course your bid amount. Be sure to make it
easy to reach you. I don't text (got it blocked coming and going).
You may submit both a starting bid and a maximum bid if you wish (for
example, you might bid $XXX but be willing to go up to $YYY if outbid)

Auction ends on Thursday July 21 at 6pm. Winner will be notified by midnight
July 21.
In order to complete your purchase of this piece you must submit to
me proof of having donated the winning price to the Ouroboros Project
Kickstarter Fund.
Once Kickstarter has funded (July 22 at 9pm EDT) I will then make
arrangements to deliver "Happy's Snake" to you. Should it require shipping
we will work out the details, including splitting shipping costs equally
between us. For purposes of calculating shipping this piece weighs about 7#.

Close of auction terms: the winner and second highest bidders will be notified
Thursday evening July 21. Winner will then have until 2pm Friday afternoon July 22
to present me with proof of their Kickstarter funding pledge. Should the winner not
come through by then, for whatever reason, the second highest bidder will be contacted
and offered a chance to buy the piece.

Fine Print: Be aware that funding for this Kickstarter project closes
Friday 22 at 9pm EDT. You will have to pledge your winning bid in time to
make that deadline. In the event that the project does not make its funding
goal you will then have the option of either electing to not buy "Happy's
Snake" or of submitting payment for it to the Ouroboros project via
alternate channels, to be determined at that time. In no case will the
winning bid amount be submitted directly to me. Winner will be chosen using
basically fair and not wholly arbitrary methods by me and me alone. In the
event that there is a tie I can easily be swayed by bribery in various forms
including but not limited to: art of your own, massages, will writing, fence
repair, good food, chocolate, airline vouchers, and/ or fine alcohol. Also
be aware that this auction is solely my endeavor and as such bears no
relation to the availability of any pledge category premiums offered on the
Ouroboros Kickstarter site itself. Additionally, any resemblance between
this piece and any large burnable piece of art is wholly noncoincidental.

This is essentially the email that Ellen posted on July 17, and was reposted with her permission.