Thursday, June 18, 2009
Bobby, Dave, Neal D., Pat, Thomas
Tascam 256kb mp3 44.1k sample rate, on top of PA, auto levels.
Files are unedited. Quality is decent, vocals saturate levels at times.

Mental issues caused the first few songs to be lost.
Right click - save as to download mp3 files.

20090418-01.mp3 33:16, 63.8 MB
0:00 - 3:56 All About (new jam)
3:56 - 6:41 Hi Thomas! (blather)
6:41-10:10 Somebody Else Won
10:10-10:35 Go to work, Elvis. (blather)
10:35-19:45 Bela Lugosi vs. ?
19:45-20:12 Pat goes to 12, but is on 3 (blather)
20:12-32:13 Bathe in the Light? (new jam)
32:13-end That actually went somewhere (blather)

20090618-02.mp3 1:06:12, 127 MB
0:00 - 0:35 (blather)
0:35 - 12:37 Small Potatoes (Dancing In Your Eyes jam)
12:37-13:42 What really happened to the Vikings (blather)
13:42-25:12 I Want To Live Forever (Beginnings)
25:12-27:14 I was waiting for one more (blather)
27:14-46:45 Light Years Away (G Song)
46:45-47:41 That was fairly epic (blather)
47:41-55:00 New Depression (reggae stylie)
55:00-58:24 A couple of lenses and I'm good (blather)
58:24-1:05:17 Just Give (Vagabond for Beauty)
1:05:17-end so... sorry. (blather)